Poetry from the Heart by Metmija

This poetry came to me in difficult and in beautiful times. The flow and ease that came with the moment of writing gave me the feeling it was not me...choosing the words... So for that I would Love to thank Life for filling my heart...giving me the gift of wonder and the courage to share.

Let it Be

  Confusion is like rain,

growing into mist and snow...

Covering the heart.

Time is the secret,

that lets the ice melt...

Giving spring a chance.

When I think to be,

the Be is not free...

Within Me.

I am...am I?

I am....not that...

If at all...I am...

I dare....

To Let...

Me Be...

Even when...

I am...



One’s best moments are…

cozy set on the couch

hearing the wind play

its forceful game…

through forests and chimneys

trying to circumvent  the snow flakes

whirling into their random space…

One’s best moments are...

In the heart of all

there where life happens…

in silence and in force

spinning and throwing

itself at your feet…

making you bound….to bow

One’s best moments are...

When filled with love…

Love for the little sighs

Love for the darker howling…

of nature around and within

Putting you in…to…place

The place…to BE.

Winter's death

When coldness claims the heart

Shivers of snowflakes freeze the body

Movement no longer allowing…

That what runs through and gives life.

Life to the joy of creation

Life to the smile of one’s soul

As a glaciers’ flow

It all seems to go….downhill.

Colors have no difference to them

All you can see has the same tone

As a boring tune which knows the way

into the endlessness of nothing.

There were we came from

The beauty and the poor…

Where cold will take away the heat

Into its still and icy ocean…

When life...

When life is not life anymore

When what we see isn’t there

When we decide to break

Our wall of illusions

Then Love will run as water

Through all that it allows

And true life will follow

A new you is born

You can now fly and travel

Wherever you want to go

Nothing will ever be missing

Because all is yours

Love for self then Love for others

Give and you will receive

They will feel you from a distance

Your light will illuminate the world



Please… let me find my true path

Please… help me guide myself

Give me the strength and courage

to end what I have begun

Let me breathe your freshness

While I cry my tears

I am so filled with all I sought for

So confused with all I know

And so lost in all I don’t….

Please hug me tight and tell me

All will be alright.


When time...

When time is used as such

Silence and space are nowhere

Realness is then taken down

Into man-made worlds of illusion

I am not supposed to fight

Into this pool of uncertainty

In which I lay still all by myself

Not sure to drown or swim

I wish the water surrounding me

Was allowed to take my tears

Not making this such a heavy load

To hold above the water

Dying is a wish of mine

In which why there lies a question

Faith has to hold my hand right now

Till understanding vanishes and the real heart takes over…

Let Love cover…

Love…if you let me free

Free to fly…I will cover

all world with your spell

So peace can arise

out of all inner beings

Allowing its beauty to connect

and form im perfection

Covering this universe

And all else…which is in need

of true Love moving…

creating what already is there…