share with me:

What is it you wish to share?

Which challenge is giving your life direction right now?

What would you Love to create in your life?

How is your relationship with yourself? Do you Like you?

Do you dare to live the Life you truly feel within you?

Can you say no?

Anything wonderful happened today?

What do you do in a difficult sittuation? One at work, with your spouse...or your children? 

I would Love to listen en even help you if I may. Please feel free to contact me and share.

A Speed-Coach experience

While Life challenges most of us, I noticed little changes at any moment can help us to grow and enjoy the moment as it is!

For that I Love to share with you my speed-coach experience.

An experience in which you can challenge yourself within minutes to change your state, your view on the moment which you are in. Followed by opening your eyes again for your great potential and the Love that is within you!

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Hope to share with you soon!

Much Love,


Part of my Filosophy

How do I see the world?

Big, Rich, Wide, Full of Possibilities!

I see nature as very powerful

I enjoy the power and energy

and when nature destroys  I believe it tries to tell us something…

I believe that we create what we get.

I think the world needs a mental change…of heart…

I think we need to offer something better to the people who get what they need through violence, power in a dark way and oppression

I think this world lacks their “communication” with and through self-love

I think the world (or what it is made of) is genius and works in mysterious ways. I have high respect of the known and unknown within this universe.

I do not have the need to know all

I do like to understand and or make relations between the known and unknown.

I think communication (on all levels) is maybe a key to peace and fulfillment.

I sometimes think we abuse what is given to us.

For that I try step by step to change my habits and believes in a way that I can honor myself while honoring this Life and all around me.

Live Life with Love and Enjoy the Moment!

Living Life with Love

What if...
What if... we need the space... but it is our own thoughts that are in our way?
What if... that what we do not want to feel... is what holds the answers?
What if... that what we hold on to... is what we need to let go of?
What if... we are always right and wrong?

How can we live life with Love?
How can we challenge ourselves?
How can we be sure... our ego left the building….we truly love ourselves... and our behavior is without any expectations?

Life is as complicated as we make it?
Simplicity is there when we make peace with our complications?
….when the earth opens for us
….when we really searched our souls and discovered what we hold...
Is that when we truly live life
Free from any needs...
Free to give generously…