Mette's start of change: Life-Story.

Hello and very good day to you!

How Lovely of you to show interest in my story. I truely hope it grabs you and moves you to think and feel about your own beautiful path in life so far. Anything that seems meaningless at first...can move us in a new direction...the direction of our own heart...

My base is in nursing. With my mother a nurse and a teacher, my granddad always trying to help the challenged ones (hospital director and partisan) and my father who loves the knowledge and optical side of medicine, the choices within my life may have a firm ground…

Being a nurse has lifted me out of my unsure teen-years. The first moment I was introduced to the working field was in my third semester of the first year at the academy. All students had to work with elderly and I wasn’t too sure how I felt about that. So I went to the manager who was appointing the institutes to us and asked him or there were any other options, besides elderly, for me. He told me there was one internship space that involved special needs children instead of elderly. I smiled at him and asked him, firm and direct if I could have that place! I now realize how this changed the direction of my life! Me being very certain of what I didn’t want, made me go and follow my gut-feeling  which helped me to ask and get what I did want!

The first day in this home for special needs children I sat down at the couch and watched. I just watched and felt at home immediately. I felt home taking these children in my heart, and it was very easy for me to “work” with and for them. It came natural to me and I have been enjoying this work for almost 10 years.

After ten years filled with these lovely human contacts I saw and felt the need for innovation. Specially innovation within the management team that was leading me and my colleges on the work floor. These were challenging times for the healthcare system in Holland and they may still be, but I could not stand behind the ideas and choices made and I also lacked the courage and skills to do anything to really change this.

I decided to start and learn more about myself and about us as human beings. About the things, feelings and thoughts inside of me which stood between me and this urge to change the (“healthcare”) world. Was it about creating a better place? And what or who is it that really is in need of this 'better' place?

I started to wonder…

“Taking new decisions is what I wanted.” I thought!

A change for myself and for my life, I decided: “my place in the world would be formed from within”.

So I started to help me in order to see my own truth and the truth within our beautiful world.

I became an NLP-Practitioner and an International Coach.

Because I am not a boxy person (a person you can put into a box) I decided I wanted to create my own view and mission-job with all that I collected during my life.

As I participated in great courses on many levels of consciousness*. And as I read many many awesome books on how to challenge myself, how to create a better me or on how to become rich in all important areas of my life, 30 seconds!!?….the fact for me was that so much knowledge confused me more and more… and even some more!!

What NOW? Eckhart Tolle may ask ;-)

What is it,I wondered... after reading, seeing and participating in courses, classes and events,  that is a real part of me?

Could it be, that during all these learning and growing experiences, we connect with the little and BIG, insight moments which touch this trueness inside our own soul? That this, what is touched, is part of the NEW, a new that wants to be created through you? I believe that only we, ourselves can know or this is true?! We may not even be able to explain…what if only that may be the real-deal!?

What I Love to do right NOW is connecting all these little and BIG touched places within me and share them with you. Because that is who I am and what I am here for.

I Love writing and writing poetry...trying to feel the the essence of life! I also Love to think and feel with people when they are challenged in life. For that I invented my speed-coach experience! (you can find more about this mental-coaching at:

Whatever resonates with the soul…it is all part of the puzzle of Life. It creates a path leading you to your song within this Life.

Please Do realize how much NEW there is within you!

Love meeting with you en hearing your Life Story so far!

Please do contact me:

With Love,


How Metmija became a creating force in my Life.

Since the day I ended my career as a nurse my world became one of great passion and a lot of uncertainties.

There seemed so many questions needed to be answered, and there were so many things unfolding to me as untrue…confusion and deep-knowing were alternating within my being and I believe they still do.

In 2007 a big challenge in my Life arose and I dared to decide to end my relationship and go travel around the world just by myself. (I Thank my dear grandparents and my father’s family for this great and moving experience and opportunity!) You can imagine my God… what an experience! … and WOW what did I learn a lot about myself.

And of course ….I fell in Love at the end of my journey with this beautiful tall and very handsome Peruvian men. Very lovely inside, big heart and ohh so sweet. What a great time I had in my three years of living in Lima. Learning Spanish and meeting all these wonderful souls. Heartwarming and passionate….I do miss having them around. I live in France these days.

After this romance….my heart seemed broken. Maybe not in the beginning when I was confused and angry. I thought this was my own “best” choice and of course in one way…everything is our own choice…when you have a choice…you are the one that chooses, are you not?

One day when I was crying my eyes out…I noticed the thoughts that were running in my head. I saw the words I used, the negative language that I was producing…and I stopped.

In that moment a part of my self-created illusion dropped.

And the moment it did…I became totally filled with this big, soft, sweet, beautiful and empty feeling of endless nothingness…I would call it Love.

Love for him and all his challenges and choices…

Love for me being in this moment…feeling and seeing the beauty of all…and feeling hurt at the same time…

It was as if my heart stopped for a moment….to let me in … and show me what was really going on…

Thát was the day words started to flow. The day I learned about me and this beautiful place within me where I feel Love for all and everything. All the special people, moving situations, different feelings, man-made thoughts, big and small creations, loving and tough moments…It is this little…within the BIG…But the Power is massive…And you cannot go back, not really anyway.

Many questions were answered on this day, the day I met with Love.

Since that day I write and am now searching a way to share…even though I am not sure anyone will be interested…And maybe that doesn’t really matter anyway…

For those who love to read and feel…I write and share my Love today.

With Love,


(Metmija in my native language means: “I Say Yes To Myself”. So I created Metmija the day I dared to say YES to what I really am.)

Live Live with Love

What if...
What if... we need the space... but it is our own thoughts that are in our way?
What if... that what we do not want to feel... is what holds the answers?
What if... that what we hold on to... is what we need to let go of?
What if... we are always right and wrong?

How can we live life with Love?
How can we challenge ourselves?
How can we be sure... our ego left the building….we truly love ourselves... and our behavior is without any expectations?

Life is as complicated as we make it?
Simplicity is there when we make peace with our complications?
….when the earth opens for us
….when we really searched our souls and discovered what we hold...
Is that when we truly live life
Free from any needs...
Free to give generously…